How to Increase Battery Life on Your Smartphone

If you're wondering how to increase battery life on your smartphone, then you'll be delighted to hear that lots of hidden settings can help you in this process. And even if some of them might seem plain and obvious at first, you'll soon be amazed by how much extra battery juice you can get off them. Here are the top 5 tips for increasing your smartphone's battery life:

1. See which applications consume the most memory.

Even if your phone comes preloaded with 1GB of RAM, which lets you run tons of apps at once, that doesn't mean its battery is not drained in the process. Therefore, if you turn off the unnecessary applications you'll not only save precious energy, but you can also use the extra amount of RAM to enhance your opened apps speed. How to do that? That's simple: just go to your phone's Settings, click About Phone and then Battery Life, and you'll see which apps are consuming your virtual memory. Just tap one useless app and you'll be able to close or uninstall it straight away!

2. Turn off the hardware features you don't use.

Most smartphones feature GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G/4G connectivity, but that doesn't mean you have to keep them turned off 24/24. What's more, by keeping these options permanently active your phone will barely last a whole day without recharging. Drop the functions you don't use and switch them back on only when needed. This way you'll save precious battery power.

3. Set brightness to automatic.

Most smartphones feature a light sensor that can automatically adjust the backlight settings for you. Turn this feature on from the menu and you'll find out your battery will hold up almost half more than before! Alternatively, you can also set the brightness manually on 40-50% and you'll save just as much power.

4. Remove the unnecessary widgets and the live wallpaper

If you want extra battery power then you'll have to forget about the above-mentioned features. Sure, they might add a nice touch to your phone's design and make you look cool in front of others, but did you know a live wallpaper takes up to 30% more energy than a static one? Additionally, you can also deactivate/uninstall any useless background widgets from the Settings menu (Settings > Applications > Organize applications).

5. Update your apps.

Besides critical bug fixes and the addition of new/improved options, updates will allow you to reduce battery consumption. How? Well, most software developers are currently enhancing their apps with an auto shut-down feature, which closes the app automatically after a certain time of non-activity. This feature wasn't available before, and only by updating your apps to their newest version you'll be able get this functionality. In order to do that just go to the Google Play market (or App Store) and check the Updates section. Most of them will upgrade to the latest version in a few seconds so you won't have to worry about wasting time in the process.

Following all of the above tips will help you greatly increase battery life on your smartphone. As a general rule keep in mind that any not-in-use features should be turned off to reduce your phone's power consumption.


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